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About Us

Eugene’s all-inclusive provider of specialty contracting services


Since 1964, three generations of Reynolds’ have been providing electrical services in Oregon. Jack Reynolds, Sr. laid the foundation by serving the electrical needs of the timber industry in Grants Pass. Learning from his father, Jack Reynolds, Jr. built onto this foundation by establishing a branch in Lane County, servicing homeowners and businesses alike.

Joining the family business in 1995, Jeremy Reynolds displayed an early aptitude in the electrical field, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. Successfully completing his apprenticeship and working in the field as a licensed Journeyman Electrician, Jeremy developed an appetite for continued growth. Eventually taking the reins, Jeremy’s leadership has solidified the Reynolds’ reputation as one of the area’s premier electrical contractors, ensuring superior quality, customer service, and a steadfast dedication to their team members.

Experiencing frustrations associated with inter-trade partnering (i.e., trades not working well together), the Reynolds family formed Reynolds Specialty Contracting and purchased Kevin Cohen Plumbing, Inc., to offer specialty trades under one roof. Like Reynolds Electric, Kevin Cohen Plumbing maintained a strong reputation in the regional area as a premier plumbing contractor and thus complemented Reynolds’ electrical offerings well. Simultaneous to the Kevin Cohen acquisition, Reynolds formed Accurate Underground, Inc., a full-service underground drilling, boring, and trenching company to further the Reynolds menu of services.

Today, Reynolds Specialty Contracting exists as three specialty divisions: Reynolds Electric, Kevin Cohen Plumbing, and Accurate Underground. Reynolds is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality of service, which includes seamless partnering between divisions.

Mission Statement

Reynolds Specialty Contracting combines traditionally independent specialty contracting services under a single management umbrella that provides our clients with high-quality specialty contracting services with seamless inter-trade coordination and vastly improved efficiency.

Contracting Services

Our strength is in our versatility. Ranging from fast-turn residential service calls to design-build plumbing, electrical, and underground/utility infrastructure, our teams of skilled craftsmen are ready and willing to tackle your next project. We serve residential, commercial, and light industrial clients, providing innovative and efficient solutions for every project.

A Message From Billy Phillips

As a 20-year veteran of the construction industry, I have worked in multiple divisions–from road construction to general contracting, commercial development, and now specialty subcontracting. As my career progressed, I have been privileged to witness first-hand the incredible technological innovations and other advancements within the industry. However, there seemed to be one resounding issue that continued to plague the industry: inter-trade coordination.

Identifying inter-trade coordination as an ongoing pain point, our team vowed to do things differently. Through a single unified management structure, we now offer comprehensive plumbing, electrical, and underground subcontracting services that naturally complement each other. Our divisions address clients’ needs by successfully working together as a single team. From estimating to design and construction, our clients no longer have to coordinate between trades, making their jobs easier and their endeavors much more successful. We look forward to expanding this model and continuing to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.

Billy Phillips, Chief Executive Officer
Reynolds Specialty Contracting


We prioritize on-the-job safety and employee benefits to protect our employees and their families—as well as the members of the community we serve. We work with diligence and dedication on every project, no matter how large or small. We believe our success comes from collaboration, and we value the contributions of every member of our team.

Commitment to diversity

At Reynolds Specialty Contracting, one of our three core commitments is Family. This means that we not only value our employees’ families, but we also view our collective company as a family, full of diverse individuals. The Reynolds Family of Companies is committed to maintaining and growing the diversity of our team. We are proud to have 30% of our workforce represented by veterans. We are grateful for the freedom their service has provided for us, and we are pleased to add their experience, dedication, and determination to our various trade teams. We are also strong advocates for increasing the number of women employed in the trades industry, and we are honored to have a team with a higher-than-average percentage of female employees. We hope to continue increasing these numbers, adding individuals to our team who contribute their diverse backgrounds and expertise to the Reynolds Family of Companies.
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